Monday, July 13, 2015

Keeping up

My Problem: save and organize a photo subject over a long period of time...ongoing a.k.a. SCHOOLHOUSES

My Temporary Solution: Post the pictures in a common place = not working

Well it would work if I'd decide what I like best!  I know the importance of keeping and saving important files.  It makes sense to be organized.
I have my school house pictures online in Picasa, Flickr, Blogger and Facebook.
I have them saved on my computer in three places.  But I do not have just one file/album anywhere of every schoolhouse picture I have phtographed!

Why I like Flickr:  It has worldly exposure(no photography pun intended), as there are many people out there doing the same thing I'm doing and they use Flickr to share their images.  There are groups you can belong to on Flickr which is pretty cool.  I belong to "The Schoolhouse Historical Society" which has 28 members and 454 photos of old school house across the country.  Why I don't like Flickr:  It is slow uploading my pictures.  I'm still learning the software and do not feel accomplished with it at all.  The time that I've spent learning becomes frustrating because their servers have hiccups which become slow when working inside my albums,  I get impatient and stop.

Picasa Online:  I'm a pro with Picasa.  I love it.  I pay extra each year for extra storage space,  But I see Picasa as just that: STORAGE

Blogger:  I started a blog for fun just like it's name. Lisa'sPhotoAdventures.  I love documenting the photos I had a blast taking.  Usually not portraits of people who pay me and usually not pictures of the school district I work for as I'm the "in house photographer" for the district and that too is challenging my filing capabilities....another post one day. My problem with my blog is that I decided to create pages a couple of years ago.  They appear as Tabs (Blogger calls them pages on the inside).
The tabs do not update as posts. So I actually have blogged more than Blogger gives me credit for. Not that that (Maddie and Barb will love that that) matters, but I admit I like looking over at the history of my blog and the number of posts I posted.  So I need to spend some time figuring out how to transfer my schoolhouse page to a countable post.

Facebook:  I love sharing my schoolhouses on Facebook.  They have generated comments and leads that are very satisfying to me.  I have people commenting all the time on how they love the school house pictures.  But I have not posted all of my schoolhouses to Facebook.  So I would never use it as a source for all the images.

I was hoping by writing about this I would come to a conclusion.  I did not, but  I think it would make sense for me to make sure all my schoolhouse are in one folder in Picasa.   So that is my goal for this summer.

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