Friday, September 9, 2016

And there is Carver County

September 4, 2016

I looked right under my nose...Carver county has at least two really neat brick one room school houses still with us today.  When you develop a habit-there is a calling that happens every weekend:  WE MUST GO FIND A SCHOOL HOUSE....
44.769407,-93.687738  Right next to the Dahlgreen golf club shooting range, Carver County.  It was a school that appeared taken care of but not lived in.

 School Number 22   44.689129,-93.705793  On Homestead Road.

I read about this area a couple years ago...finally made it here...

South of this ghost town is Belle Plaine.  Driving through the town I recognized a one room school now being lived in.  St. John's Parochial.  The Lutheran St. John's Church was kit·ty–cor·ner \ˈki-tē-ˌkȯr-nər, ˈka-tē-, ˈka-tə-\\-nərd\ from this beautiful school.  

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