Just antiquing it

Not antiques, just old buildings at the Dakota City

The Mercantile in Wild Rose Wisconsin

 The counter was the original.

Saw this in Centennial's hallway today.  A Baird antique.  I made this poster almost 20 years ago. So happy to see it is still around.

This is an image from the Cannon Falls antiques store.  Spring 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I fell in love with a George Washington pic here;

I love taking my camera into antique stores!  No one has ever asked me not to take pictures, but then again I'm very sly...as I do not want to bring attention to myself. This is a place for me to share the oddities I see.

July 3, 2015
Nisswa Antique store
Look what Tim found -  VERY COOL! We should have bought that.
 Cart that carried newspapers.  I know because I used one!

 Cool resort sign.  But where would I put that?
 This looks like a toboggan from my childhood.
 Green Stamps at various retail stores.  That must have been so much fun for homeowners!

 I think of my uncle Del for some reason when I see a case of Schmidt Beer, I don't know why.
 I loved the Archies...Sugar, sugar..
 Who is she?  Is it Bridgette Bardou? Nope.  But who?
 Old stove.
 Tractor chair all rusted out and perched-ready for a garden ornament.
I really wanted this school bell, but honest to God Lisa, where would you put that?

January 5, 2015 Happy New Year!  

Today we found a relic treasure of an antique store...in Welch MN

Just a shot of me in an antique store in Hayward Wisconsin.  
The Giblin Hotel was a part of Hayward back in the day. 
 I Googled it and all I found was the following....
Birth: Nov., 1866
Minnesota, USA
Death: 1944
Sawyer County
Wisconsin, USA
William was born to Irish parents who lived in MN.
Married Julie from WI. in 1893. Children: Marie Mar 1894, Blanche May 1896, Ray Sep 1895, Ethel Ray 1899-1902 and Bernice M Jan 1903.

William owned a Hotel in Hayward.

Loved this wooden sign.  If I felt rich I would have bought it.  $56.00  And where in the world would I put it?
Getting hooked on Hayward 2014 means catching turtles not fish!

Fredrick Wisconsin Museum 

The glamorous occupation of  Cosmetology

The glamorous occupation of telephone operator
 A closer look at those port holes

Seems like a good time of the year to re-visit this shot I took outside of Spooner Lake Wisconsin.

 This sign was at a Fairbault Antique store.  The city of which the Tilt-a-whirl was built.

Stillwater Spring 2013

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