Monday, August 24, 2015

Andy and Sara

Saturday August 29, 2015 is a big day for the Baird family.  We welcome little miss Sara into our humble family.  She is a great addition to our family and compliments Andy perfectly.  I thought a few pictures of them growing up was in order for my blog.

Yep, he was a cute little guy at 3

Sliding with dad.  Wow look at those bangs Tim is sporting : )
 Andy and I, Christmas of 1986  Wow look at those bangs I'm sporting!
The wide world of Legos  8 years old
 Who doesn't love the Minnesota Twins and Kirby Puckett?!

 Andy and Scratch (my mom's dog)
Chili bowl the Cayman Islands  1995
High School at Richfield High School
 Life guarding at the Richfield Pool
Andy and his CRX he is 19

Sara and her mom

 Sara and her dad
So cute!!! Same smile today.

 This is such a cute picture of Sara and her brother Chris
Ski Team RHS

 2003 Graduate RHS
Such a cute blonde!

6 years ago

Charlie as a puppy!

 Last January

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's on the Menu?

One of the neatest things we did when we were on the north shore last week, was visit the Cross River Heritage Center.  This is a museum of the lodges and resorts that speckled the north shore for decades. Looking through the pictures and artifacts of the old north shore was fun.  We had Henry in arms so I wished I could spend more time - transporting myself to a forgotten time on Highway 61.
I did take a few pictures on our visit:

I would like the Fresh Lake Superior filet of bluefin - No bones...
I really want wall-eyed pike BUT I will try this.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015

That New Tamron Lens

Well as I sit sipping on my gin and tonic, I think of how I should really add a piece to my blog about my new lenses that I bought this summer.  A new lens is a big deal to a photographer and I am no exception.  After all I will be making payments on both of my new lens purchases I made this summer ; (

The Tamron 70-300 f4 is a nice crisp lens.  I like it.  Not love.  And it is a better telephoto lens than I had.  Here are a few images I took at Osh Kosh using this lens.
 This photo has been zoomed in with lightroom, but nevertheless still pretty crisp.
 The Airbus 350 was such a delight to watch perform at Osh Kosh....this is a non-edited fly over shot.
Non-edited shots of T-6 Texans.  I have the wrong shutter speed!  Ugh...when will I get that right?
If I slow down my shutter the whirl of the propellers will look awesome.

My new canon 100mm macro lense is to dye for.  I just need to read up on macro photograpy and practice.

Lamar Hunt

You know you have a problem when your husband says: "let's have a picnic on the St. Croix river today" and I immediately pull up my Google map to see what school house I can find in the area.
This is my Google school house map.  The stars indicate located one room school still standing.  So as you can see, the St. Croix river does not have a whole lot of stars.  20 minutes later, Tim was napping and I was in serious google map tracking mode.  Waalaa!  I know the Lamar school!
I've seen this website in the past and finally plan a trip to go see the hard work restoration project.
Read about the Lamar community and school on their website here
 What a beautiful pristine-white two room school house!
 I just love the windows.  I'm sure the inside of this school invites the sunshine and outdoors right in.
This is the back of the school.  Two sets of windows for the two classrooms.

And of course Henry was there.  I'm thinking of naming him the "premiere one-room school pup"
or something like that.  He is usually with us on these travels and I have many pictures to prove it.

After the Lamar school we traveled east on 140th to 160th... and south on to Hwy 8.
On Hwy 8 we headed west when out of the blue appeared Deer Lake School.
 Now very overgrown and forgotten Deer Lake School sits among spiny shrubs and highway thwart 
where once children played hopscotch and kickball.

Peeking through the door window we both spotted a framed picture still on the landing.  We couldn't quite tell what the picture was, but it certainly indicated that someone just locked the door on their way out...thinking they would be back.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015


What's more fun than visiting a cemetery, seeing the first house built in Minnesota, learning about cellar doors & walking a railroad rail?  Maybe it's placing a penny on the train track!

Recovering the pennies!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A New Spin to My Yearly Osh Kosh Trip

This summer Tim talked me into another hot sticky trip to the EAA Air Adventure in Oshkosh WI.  We already vacationed one week in Brainerd this summer and we have another trip on the horizon to Silver Bay, so Osh Kosh was out of the question for me.
Oshkosh get's in your blood and apparently for me too, because I caved after making a rather large announcement that I was not going this year.
But this year was so different from any previous year.  We met a lot of interesting people, AND we stayed in a gorgeous home on lake Winnebago a stone's throw from the Seaplane Base.
We drove to OshKosh, which is roughly a 5 hour drive.  We stretched the drive to 6 hours so Tim could keep good on his promise....stop at every schoolhouse we see along the way.
So there we were in the middle of Wisconsin and out of the blue appears a sign which read: "Reed School House 1 Mile".  I thought I was seeing things! I have never seen a sign advertising the whereabouts of a one room school.  1 mile later the beautiful brick school house appeared right off of the highway.  We turned in and spent some time reveling in the brick one room Reed School.

Simply put, this is the most beautifully restored one room school house we have ever seen.

The basement was preserved into a complete history of America's one room schools.  It was a pristine museum complete with self auto DVD videos. The picture of George Washington in the upper lefthand corner is the original print from the school house.
Note: the picture of George Washington here.  The same water damaged print hangs above Mrs. Orvilla Selves Zille and her class of 17, 1947

Equally important as the teachers in this building, was the man who invested money into the old dilapidated building to preserve it.  Surprisingly a man from the east coast is responsible for this learning landmark preservation.  Why?  He attended the Reed school for 6 weeks as a young boy and has very fond memories of his experience learning in that building.   Read more about him here


Later that day we enjoyed the infamous drive in restaurant Ardy and Ed's
One of our waitresses, Rachel.

The home we rented was a stroke of luck from VRBO just blocks away from the EAA Air Adventure Event.  We probably will never get that lucky again.  The home is located on Lake Winnebago and right down the road from the Seaplane base.
Scenic and tranquillity overlooking Lake Winnebago, sipping a gin and tonic and streaming KDKK Park Rapids Mn radio.

(We discovered KDKK Radio on our previous trip to Brainerd.  Familiar tunes of when we were growing up.   Bert Kaempfert and his "golden hits" filled the nights with some great tunes on KDKK)

 The Seaplane Base

Last year we discovered the Seaplane base and this year we spent twice the time there.  Placid, colorful, breezy off the lake - just right, after a full day of stumbling from vendor to vendor in buidings A B C D.  

My next post will cover the new lens I bought and the pictures I took with it at Oshkosh.

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