Monday, July 17, 2017

Toads and Frogs...and Henry

In May of this year, Henry & Charlie were racing down our wood steps to chase away the U.S. Mailman.  In all the excitement Henry fell down the second half of the steps.  I heard a large yelp as he scooted to the lower level crying all the way.  It was obvious his left hind leg was hurt.  The Vet diagnosed it as an ACL tear.  Time, lose weight, moderate physical therapy.  Well we are mid-July now and Henry is doing ok.  He's lost some weight and he does put pressure on his leg.  He walks kinda sideways sometimes, a funny thing to see.  We go for our daily walk which has been limited to a shorter distance or the use of Lily's dog stroller.

Summer is a great time for Henry because the things that really make him happy are being outside looking for toads.  He first stumbled upon toads at the hanger.  Toads frequently appear from the concrete crack under the rubber flange of the hanger door.  So when the door is being raised - Henry is on it.  Saturday night was a hit.  He sniffed out a tiny little toad.  He stalked it for 20+ minutes trying to pick it up.  He was salivating and foaming like crazy!

After losing interest, Henry continued his search for another.  I realized the little toad dead...killed by the jaws of Henry the Yorkie.  Not quite the case from a week earlier - when Henry had all he could do chasing more than one frog at the river.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Post Wedding blues.... iphone pics : ( I wanna see the professional shots!

Wow in a the wink of a minute...the Wedding is over.  It was a beautiful day...calculated down to the minute..we pulled it off like a pro!

The nice thing about Weddings and brides that are teachers....organized!
Michelle doing her magic on the bride, Adrienne and Jr. Bridesmaids Lily and Ruby.

Us as we dress at the Lowell Inn... We are READY!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Beautiful Day at the St. Croix River

We spent the afternoon with Maddie and Joe on the St.Croix river in Osceola Wi.
Working on that tan - 6 days before the Wedding.

 Joe and Tim in the river

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jr. Bridesmaids

Ruby and Lily and the Jr. Bridesmaid Dresses

I called on an old friend who is an expert in the sewing and altering department. Kelly is a parent that I got to know when I was working as the Library Lady-Mrs. Bear : )  Kelly did an awesome job altering both dresses.  Even though I consider myself a talented sewer, I could not get myself to alter these dresses. I had visions of cutting too much fabric off.  About 35 years ago I sewed  a bridesmaid dress for my cousin...and after hemming it I was trimming some excess fabric at the hemline and I sliced right through the dress.  Somehow my scissors caught two layers of fabric!   

Ruby is in Shell Pink          Designer: Bill Levkoff

Lily is in Peach              Designer: Bill Levkoff

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer-There will be lists, which is a great thing!

This summer will be a busy one.  Maddie will be getting married on July 7.  She will be married on the rooftop of the Stillwater Library.  It is a beautiful venue.  The reception is a the Historic Lowell Inn. The Bride has three attendants including her sister, her childhood bestie and her future SIL. She has two Jr. bridesmaids; nieces Lily & Ruby and two flower girls- Joe's nieces Lili and Jenni.  I think weddings were designed for teachers.  I'm 17 days out and feel not even an inkling of sweat.  Maddie has this wedding completely organized and under control.  There will be lists-which is a great thing!

The wedding is the highlight of my summer but I am also looking forward to a small little cabin on a trout stream in central Wisconsin.

I hope to catch some fish, enjoy Henry's antics and slow down.  I'm sure there will be some great photography here as well.

At the same time Tim will be enjoying the great EAA airshow in OSh Kosh Wisconsin.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Weekend 2017

We had a wonderful night camping at Myre Big Island State Park.  Freeborn CountyMN.  This trip lead us to several one room schools.

Henry comes alive in the water.  Even with a sore leg...we carried him in a dog stroller, borrowed to us by Lily.  The water was calm and glass-like.  I noticed there were no motor boats on the lake which made it peaceful.

Yes, that's Henry...spent all his time in the stroller.   Being hurt is NOT as fun.

Blooming Prairie....notice the solar windmills

43°59'10.6"N 93°06'13.1"W

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Look what I left out all winter-long!  Curled up elm leaves rested the whole winter in the key cradle of this old Underwood typewriter.  I bought the old thing on a whim.  A bit rusty and as heavy as an anchor -we threw it in the back seat for $12 bucks.

Underwood sits back by the shed under the sweet smelling spring lilac bushes...

and a few yards away from  "Bleeding Hearts of love and hope and the beating of spring".

I am happy Spring is here again. 

*Audrey Kletscher Helbling

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I found my inspiration!

An Apple - 27" iMac® with Retina 5K display - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 1TB Hard Drive!
No more sore eyes for me staring at an old monitor that was slowly fading in from the corners.  Even though I consider myself a PC gal - I had no problem buying my first Mac.  Now for some awesomely edited images.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Recently I re-organized my photography equipment.  I have lost touch with much of it...and this makes me sad, although inspired to pick up my camera soon.  Thinking of this I felt the need to find some inspiration to get my motor running.  Elena Shumilova is a Russian Photographer who has such a unique niche...  Fine Art photography for sure. I have followed her on Flickr for several years and LOVE everything she posts.  

Example of style
Soft washed out color with spectacular backlighting and ring lighting.  Her subjects are perfectly posed in such an unposed way.  She usually has an animal in the picture with her subject.

She named this one Lapland

Wind on Surrey Hill

So I decided to see how close I could get to her style...using photoshop.
Now I don't have any animals to throw into this image but for a first try not to bad.

Ruby in Snow

Damn it where is a cute bunny when you need one!

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