Monday, January 25, 2016

Mark & Mabel Taught 85 Students; 1894

The Pierce County Historical Society went through the trouble of going the extra mile to teach  my curiosity about the recent find of the two story school in Beldenville Wisconsin. There is no reason for me to re-write the pages that were scanned/emailed to Peter F. and then forwarded to me.  But there were some highlights that stand out.  Seems this school could have had a dandy name after all if it had only been build a few months earlier.  No doubt about it:  Thurston Hill.

I will treasure this...and post it here for future reading:

So after reading this I wondering even more.  I guess the book would be worth $20
Question:  what ever happened to the term wiener roast?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Beautiful Find Near Helmer Printing, Beldenville Wisconsin!

Sunday, January 17 we took a drive over to Ellsworth, WI to buy some good cheddar cheese.  The country roads were clear and the hills and valleys were covered with a small blanket of snow.  On a split decision we decided to drive past one of my favorite one room schools, "Forestville".. so I could take a picture of it in the snow.  I like the Forestville school house a lot and I even have a 1/87 scale custom built model of it on my piano!  Now Forestville school is a little harder to find than we expected.  We headed off of highway 10 onto county road J thinking it was just a up the road a mile or two.  As we were following the county road past a business and then a neighborhood I happened to look to my right when I saw a belfry!  "STOP and turn around please I blurted".  This is an image from my phone.  

I've exhausted my search on the internet looking for a name of this school.  Not even Google or Mrs. Blahoskidog can find it!  I'm hoping to hear back from Helmer Printing across the road.  Stay tuned...
Friday - January 22
The name of the school is Beldenville School! Thank you Barb Blahoski and Peter Fitzpatrick with help in the search! I heard back from Pierce County Historical Association, Pierce County Wisconsin AND 2 wonderful employees from nearby Helmer Printing; Ted and Jenny. The Historical Association has an entire book highlighting the school with pictures. I may have to buy that one since "Baird" was in the table of contents 5 times.

Just for the record here is Forestville:

And here is my amazing custom built model of Forestville.  

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