Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jr. Bridesmaids

Ruby and Lily and the Jr. Bridesmaid Dresses

I called on an old friend who is an expert in the sewing and altering department. Kelly is a parent that I got to know when I was working as the Library Lady-Mrs. Bear : )  Kelly did an awesome job altering both dresses.  Even though I consider myself a talented sewer, I could not get myself to alter these dresses. I had visions of cutting too much fabric off.  About 35 years ago I sewed  a bridesmaid dress for my cousin...and after hemming it I was trimming some excess fabric at the hemline and I sliced right through the dress.  Somehow my scissors caught two layers of fabric!   

Ruby is in Shell Pink          Designer: Bill Levkoff

Lily is in Peach              Designer: Bill Levkoff

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer-There will be lists, which is a great thing!

This summer will be a busy one.  Maddie will be getting married on July 7.  She will be married on the rooftop of the Stillwater Library.  It is a beautiful venue.  The reception is a the Historic Lowell Inn. The Bride has three attendants including her sister, her childhood bestie and her future SIL. She has two Jr. bridesmaids; nieces Lily & Ruby and two flower girls- Joe's nieces Lili and Jenni.  I think weddings were designed for teachers.  I'm 17 days out and feel not even an inkling of sweat.  Maddie has this wedding completely organized and under control.  There will be lists-which is a great thing!

The wedding is the highlight of my summer but I am also looking forward to a small little cabin on a trout stream in central Wisconsin.

I hope to catch some fish, enjoy Henry's antics and slow down.  I'm sure there will be some great photography here as well.

At the same time Tim will be enjoying the great EAA airshow in OSh Kosh Wisconsin.

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