Gramma with a Camera

Almost excited!!!!
.James Michael Gartmann!  

The Little White House

Mermaid Ruby

Lily and Oscar

The girls asked me if I would video them making a movie.  Would I really say no?

A Scary Walk in the Woods

by Ruby and Lily

Mermaid tales just don't get old.  The hours of swimming with these tales are unknown, but I do know that there are two beautiful spirited ladies swimming with a tail this summer.
I'm so happy to be a mer-gramsey.

 Ruby turns 7
Lily at 8

Daisy headbands at Lake Margaret

Now it is summer again and we visited a favorite place.

 Should I jump in again?

"I'm going to go down the slide"

 There was a song playing that Ruby said she really did not like!

Freckle face

Winter is here!

Summer 2014.... Look Gramsey we can do handstands now!

Ruby photobomb!

Lily Photobomb!

Being the lovely girls they are!

Lily + Charlie = BUDS 


August 7
I bought a pound of lemons  yesterday.  Finally gonna use that little juicer I bought at Al's Antique store in Redwing last year.    The girls had a blast.......Delicious!!!

August 1, 2013
My Little Mermaids
I just whipped up a couple of mermaid tails for these to cuties.... kinda fun sewing again.

Last time I "baby" sat we had drawing class.  These are just so cute that I created a collage to share.
(L to R) Lily, Ruby and Gramsey's drawings.

My grandgirls know what a photoshoot is!

and oh how they've grown!  Here is a photoshoot from August 2010

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