Saturday, March 10, 2018

To Imagine Is Everything

The simplicity of the one room school was my decorating inspiration. 
 Enter my craft room with schoolhouse charm!
 Love this so much - waiting for my next message.
 Urklegrew and Frederick sitting at the top of my shadow box display.
Framed school house photographs aside a 1960's rollup Minnesota Map.
 One of a kind Raggedy made by me several years ago.
 The kids grew up with this farm table.  If you look close yo can see their artwork and names pressed into the wood top.  It's been refinished but the engravings remain.
 Henry's new spot.
 Closet decoupaged with 12x12 scrapbook paper = sewing hutch.  Jelly cupboard rescued from the curb. Annie Slone paint with crystal knobs.

 Some of my photography equipment.
 This was such a great curb rescue!

The teacher's boot.

 Swiss dot cafe curtain with my childhood gum chain.  More handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy.
 Stripes is Tim's stuffed bear from childhood.
 A schoolroom is not complete without Sally, Dick and Jane.
 Bought the desk paint on a whim at Menards.  Love it.
 Craft storage is under control and well labeled.
 My version of the schoolhouse light.
 This clock chimes on the half hour.  Classic red cross stitch from the hands of my darling Amadeline : )   

 Schoolhouse charm.
 Beautiful braided rug.

My number 2 school house bell = best Christmas gift ever!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Look up and let the snowflakes dance on your nose!

An Angel, a Puddle and a Dog

Look for the angels in your life, they are everywhere!
A delightful walk in the woods with one of my angels, Lily.  The sky was ominous blue to the northwest and the sun was peaking through in the southeast.  Ice crystals fell from the sky in chunks and clinked and danced on the path around us.  The air was fresh and smelled damp, like the Spring melt. 



Lily and Oscar

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Saturday, February 10, 2018

South for the Winter

South for the winter means, get in the car with camera and drive south.
Today was a spectacular robins egg blue sky, warm sunshine and 
Tim and I discovered a part of Minnesota that neither of us had ever visited before.  Montgomery, Watertown, Elysian & Madison Lake, Minnesota.  In Madison Lake we stumbled upon the "Mad Bobber Ice Fishing Contest". So Tim decided to drive the car up close to get a better look.  There were some serious fisherpeople out on the lake and I now know why. More than $10,000 in prize give-a-ways and raffle. 25 Fishing Prizes/25 Door Prizes/50 Total Prizes.

 This ice house sports some Blue Moon at the door!

When I unloaded my camera (Canon 5D), I was pleasantly surprised at the SOOCs (straight out of the camera).  That's not to say that I did not enhance some of these photos.

Driving south for the winter we found 7 new school houses!
 The windows on the structure to the right indicate that this was a schoolhouse.  The building was set back and I just happen to see it.  we turned around to get a picture. 44.485900, -93.660400

 35278 141st Ave, Montgomery, MN 56069

 This was a gift shop/cafe that we spotted in Elysian.  The staff said the building had been moved from a different area.  (possibly Cleveland or Cordova)
 The interior of the little red school was an inviting cafe.  The chalkboard had an invitiation for their Valentine dinner.
 Gorgeous school.  Not a one room but certainly loved by the community.  It is where the LeSuer County Historical Society is housed.
I'm guessing this building was a school.  Probably moved from a different area.  It is part of the historical society, we will visit in the Spring to learn more.
 This was a unique building located in Elysian.  The plaque stated that it was a the first school in 1885.

Yikes!  Drive by, OMG that must have been a school! 

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