Sunday, May 31, 2015

Historical Bear Lake School

When you put the time and effort into locating old school houses you start to see similar things. Some townships take great pride in their history and raise funds to maintain their buildings, sometimes even relocating the school to better show ground.
Some townships let the years gone by show wear and decay and they ignore the little old school house that once was.  About one third of the houses I find are being lived in.  Few of them are homesteaders with a little money and desire to preserve the one room school as it was.  To them the building has a roof and is cheap-so they move in and start adding to meet their needs, never with any regard to honoring the original stature.  
Bear Lake school is located by Wapogasset Lake Wisconsin.  45.367461,-92.499643
All I can say is that Bear Lake school must have been a dandy in it's day. 


Saturday, May 30, 2015


We went on our annual Osceola train ride today.  I could of worn a warmer clothing, as it was in the 60's most of the day.  The clouds did burn off later and a beautiful robin's egg blue sky appeared with big white puffy clouds.  The train was wonderful.  I especially enjoyed the sounds that I hear as the train moves down the track...screeches,adjoined clunking cars and train horns.

     Ubet WI is about 10 miles away from  Osceola, and I had a star on my google map indicating there is a one room school house, so we drove over to check it out.
What a beauty this school house still is, nicely cared for and being used as a granary office.

45.346073, -92.530200

South on county road E brought us right past this wonder..within 5 feet of the road!
Not so sure this building was a school.... I cannot find any resources that would substantiate this.
 We were pretty close to Star Prairie on County Rd E.
45.231163, -92.503748

Next came New Richmond Wisconsin.  We have been to NRW, love their airport...but for some reason we've always headed west out of New we discovered if you head south you run in to the actual downtown and a  Heritage Village complete with restored, school, blacksmith, farm house and more.  I made a mental note of visiting this place again this summer.  The school located there was originally from Glenwood City, WI at a logging camp.
The school is named Camp Nine.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Honoring our American History

Amazing! I have found so many one room school houses dotting our mid-west landscape. Yesterday Tim and I set out for River Falls WI and took Hwy 29 to Spring Valley.  We zigzagged our way on small county roads, some were rocky gravel, to south of Plum City.  Here is a list of the schools we found.

Randall School (historical) - Wisconsin

Geocode for Randall School (historical): Latitude: 44.8260785 - Longitude: -92.5840841

South Fork School (historical) - Wisconsin

Geocode for South Fork School (historical): Latitude: 44.8508006 - Longitude: -92.5613059

Fay School (historical) - Wisconsin

Latitude: 44.8480221 - Longitude: -92.4065786

Mines School (historical) - Wisconsin

44.8452436 -92.2901862
It is about 2 miles west of Spring Valley
3132 850th Ave.
Spring Valley, WI 54767

Spring Lake Lutheran Church 
44.8144096 -92.1965717
We were looking for Brookside School which was suppose
 to be across the street but the school was gone.

We were traveling south on county road 72 and a brick home caught my eye. It looked like a school house, but was not on my list. We turned around to take a picture... the lady waved to us : )

5406 Co Rd Elmwood, WI 5474044.732070 -92.185248

Look what a little determination can find! 
Click on the image to read the commentary.
Tripple Hill School
It was Gwen who waved to us!

Found on Elmwood, WI Historical Group Facebook Page

Corner View School (historical) - Wisconsin

44.6991328 -92.1957357

Corner View School

Corner View School

Corner View School

Corner View School

Corner View School

Found on the Elmwood Historical Group Facebook Page, year unknown.

Click on the image to read the commentary about Corner View.
Elmwood Schoolbus

Found on the Elmwood Historical Group Facebook Page, year unknown.

Union School (historical) - Wisconsin

44.6041335 -92.1757324

Union School 

Union School 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Best Thing About Facebook

Last night I posted a picture of Maddie on my wall after a day of goofing off in the afternoon at junk stores and learning together how to light a photoshoot in her dining room for her new blog.  When I woke up this morning and went to Facebook (to see if she removed her name tag), I saw all the people who liked the image.  I'm proud to show off my kids of course but whatis really fun... is to read the list of people and think about what part of my life they're from.  From family to work and photography friends of old friends, high school friends, jr. high school friends and friends as a young child!   Regarding this image of Maddie, I thought I wonder if my old friends Michele, Bill and Paul see both Tim and I in her?
Facebook is a simple fun way of remaining whole and remembering the people who are/were tiny /large parts of my whole life.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Maiden is Blushing

The Lilacs are in bloom!  The backyard and the neighborhood smell so beautiful!  The colorful petals
of the lilac flowers inspired me to do a photoshoot with FairMaiden Polish.  The following images are the color Maiden's Blush.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

On a Wing and a Prayer

Saturday we took a drive to Backus Minnesota, 40 miles north of Brainerd on Highway 371.  Tim arranged to meet a guy who was selling a Cessna right wing.  Yes. Wing.  Seems our plane is showing a little age (as we all do) turning the 50 year corner.
 If you do something on a wing and a prayer, you do it hoping that you will succeed although you are not prepared enough for it.  The drive was new to our eyes, but still a bit drab, as spring has not fully sprung in vacation-land. The Backus airport is a neat little grass strip, and I spent some time checking it out with Henry in the hot afternoon sun. I had my camera, but I just could not get the creative juices going.  It was just a yellow, dried out grass strip. We had a friend join us, and he was a friendly old outdoor dog who must have almost lost an eye at some part of his life.
A picture of the old yellow lab that joined Henry and I as we walked the length of the grass strip

At the other end of the grass strip sat an old Checker automobile

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