Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A New Spin to My Yearly Osh Kosh Trip

This summer Tim talked me into another hot sticky trip to the EAA Air Adventure in Oshkosh WI.  We already vacationed one week in Brainerd this summer and we have another trip on the horizon to Silver Bay, so Osh Kosh was out of the question for me.
Oshkosh get's in your blood and apparently for me too, because I caved after making a rather large announcement that I was not going this year.
But this year was so different from any previous year.  We met a lot of interesting people, AND we stayed in a gorgeous home on lake Winnebago a stone's throw from the Seaplane Base.
We drove to OshKosh, which is roughly a 5 hour drive.  We stretched the drive to 6 hours so Tim could keep good on his promise....stop at every schoolhouse we see along the way.
So there we were in the middle of Wisconsin and out of the blue appears a sign which read: "Reed School House 1 Mile".  I thought I was seeing things! I have never seen a sign advertising the whereabouts of a one room school.  1 mile later the beautiful brick school house appeared right off of the highway.  We turned in and spent some time reveling in the brick one room Reed School. http://reedschool.wisconsinhistory.org/

Simply put, this is the most beautifully restored one room school house we have ever seen.

The basement was preserved into a complete history of America's one room schools.  It was a pristine museum complete with self auto DVD videos. The picture of George Washington in the upper lefthand corner is the original print from the school house.
Note: the picture of George Washington here.  The same water damaged print hangs above Mrs. Orvilla Selves Zille and her class of 17, 1947

Equally important as the teachers in this building, was the man who invested money into the old dilapidated building to preserve it.  Surprisingly a man from the east coast is responsible for this learning landmark preservation.  Why?  He attended the Reed school for 6 weeks as a young boy and has very fond memories of his experience learning in that building.   Read more about him here


Later that day we enjoyed the infamous drive in restaurant Ardy and Ed's
One of our waitresses, Rachel.

The home we rented was a stroke of luck from VRBO just blocks away from the EAA Air Adventure Event.  We probably will never get that lucky again.  The home is located on Lake Winnebago and right down the road from the Seaplane base.
Scenic and tranquillity overlooking Lake Winnebago, sipping a gin and tonic and streaming KDKK Park Rapids Mn radio.

(We discovered KDKK Radio on our previous trip to Brainerd.  Familiar tunes of when we were growing up.   Bert Kaempfert and his "golden hits" filled the nights with some great tunes on KDKK)

 The Seaplane Base

Last year we discovered the Seaplane base and this year we spent twice the time there.  Placid, colorful, breezy off the lake - just right, after a full day of stumbling from vendor to vendor in buidings A B C D.  

My next post will cover the new lens I bought and the pictures I took with it at Oshkosh.

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