Thursday, August 18, 2016

Well it happened...Google Maps failed me

I have had this school pinned on my Pinterest board for 3 years.

On Sunday Tim and I decided to fly to Decorah Iowa.  I've never been there. There  is a nice little airport with a courtesy car and an interesting downtown to check out. I decided on a couple of school houses to find. The oldest in the State, Locust School and the one above.
Can you see the star and the school below it?  This find was sure to be the easiest yet.
But there we were on Madison Rd with a road map, a Google Map and THAT SCHOOL

was NOT there!!!  How old is this map from Google?  Satellite maps don't really show topography, but right along the south side of this road it was hilly and the foliage was quite over grown.  So I asked Tim to park and let me go look down into the ravine to make sure we were not just missing it.  So he pulled over in the driveway to the DeNovo Barn and I ran across the road to look.
Damn it! NO SCHOOL.
Monday afternoon I just couldn't let it go...I was thinking I wonder if it burned down. I think I'll Google Decorah school Madison Rd   The third link down caught my eye...something about an Amish Barn and a School Wedding Venue.  So I went to the website:

Here is what I saw:


While I ran across the road to look down the hill, Tim waited in the driveway to where the school is.
If I remember correctly there was a slight incline so even if he did look over his right shoulder while waiting he probably wouldn't have been able to see it.

Two schools I DID find:
Norwegian Lutheran Parochial School  1879

Locust School 

Used from 1854-1960

We're pretty sure that Tim worked with Gary Graves at DHL!

We loved Decorah and will fly back some day to visit. 

One last picture to show how I can find schools from the air.

and on Google maps  44.064109, -92.368595

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