Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of the school year....

It's that time of year already "Field Day" at the schools.  This is my favorite time of year to capture students in activities.  Yesterday the weather was ideal for a field day.  My favorite shot of the day was one of compassion.  Someone not participating because he felt "left out".  A 5th grade girl and her partner, a Kindergartener approach him and offer friendship.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Google+ is giving me anxiety!

Google+  now automatically backs up all your images!  Yay!  Not.  This feature sucks when you cannot control what is backed up. Here is a look at my week on the computer.

A1= Tim and I drive to Zambrota and discover three one room school houses.
A3= Logo for some business I did with the school district.
A4= Adrienne and I practice nail polish shoot.
A5= I have no idea
A6= At work shooting Math teacher and students.
B1=  Adjusting exposure at my desk
B2= A shot of the Church of Hope volunteers.
B3= My Facebook post during Prom week.
B4= Maddie scans old pool pics on my computer...I was logged in on Google : )
B5= Back at work...swiping an image off of Google images of the new Superintendent.
C1= Harry the Dirty Dog.  Image to make Barb Blahoski a retiring Glinda Crown for Sparkfest.
C2= Maddie using my computer to print out a picture of St. Paul to paint a canvas for Joe.
C3= Dance photoshoot...collage for advertising in program.
C4= Lily
C5= Scans of Barb Blahoski from past years...retiring and making a card?, video....probably not.
C6=My paperdoll of Dr. Martin....a pretty dramatic shot!

I rest my case.  This is insane.....I will not continue to pay for extra space on Google if I cannot get control on what I save.

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