Saturday, November 12, 2011

Those holiday cards are right around the corner!  The weather gave us another great Saturday for some outdoor portraits.  I got some really cute shots today in aperture mode BUT geez i have to remember to set the camera in "auto" ISO!  Too many shots with a slight blur.  When I opened them in Lightroom I noticed my ISO was at 100...ugh!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sometimes a picture just happens...

This pup was high above us as we entered the she she antique store.  Yunno the kind that smells like cinnamon and there are red hats and turners with jewelry and greeting cards as you walk in.  Exactly what I don't like to browse through.  We decided to check this place out because it was in an old brewery in New Ulm complete with the German flag flying on it's roof! So here he sat above the clientele walking into the front door.  Majestic looking guy warranted a picture.  Wish I knew his name.

Friday, November 4, 2011

November warmth coming soon!

My schedule has been non stop photo sessions all of September and October.  Finally a weekend to catch up.
Problem:  what should I catch up on? All I can think about is the warm Hawaiian sun, the smell of coconut oil and taste of some good seafood and tropical drinks : )

This weekend however, we will spend our time raking leaves.  Here are a few great shots from last season.

 Where the leaf sucker upper?
 In water....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October brings vibrant colors!

I walked Henry around Christian Park today and I noticed all the colorful trees.  They weren't there yesterday!
Boy if only I had a subject, I thought...this would make a great spot...right here.  
Maddie flew in the door and off we went....leaving my soup on the table to cool.  10 minutes later we were back to the house and I have all these beautiful autumn pictures!

Busy September

September was here and now it's gone!  I not only went back to work in the schools in September but I had 2-3 photo sessions every weekend.  I wish I had all these sessions in the summer when I'm home during summer break! but I will say I have enjoyed all the Senior portrait sessions I've had.  There is one family that I can say between there two children I have had 2 very memorable location shoots.  Two years ago I took Adam's portraits at Hot Sams in Burnsville... a junk yard like no other.

This past week his sister Sarah had her portraits at a secret place River at Fort Snelling and a few at Riverplace.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girls at the State Fair 2011

Yesterday the girls and I went to the State Fair. It was hot and VERY crowded but I think we made the best of it...all except Adrienne getting her Sweet Martha Cookies Fix : (

Monday, August 1, 2011

What a day!

Hurray!  My new site is online and while I know it's not flashy and the trendiest.....

 IT IS a great place for my customers.

After you have a photo session with me I am able to upload FULL SIZE photos to your gallery.

Other website providers for photographers require the post work to include re-sizing all the proofs. So.... as the photographer you deal with the RAW images and then the proofs and then re-sizing the proofs to upload them.  SMUGMUG likes full size images, which cuts down on my post production.

  HAPPY : )

Your gallery will allow you to order directly from the professional print house!  Hurray! this also cuts down on my post production!  YOU can create all sort of albums.....
As you can see this is a dream come true for the holiday portraits and gift giving.
I will be learning and adding more and more to my new site so check up on it often.

Anyone want to write me a new biography?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wow the difference a new website will make

I'm switching my photography business to a new website service provider this summer.  Actually by August 1st.
The reason is very simple: SMUGMUG
This is my answer to better proofs online and more!

As you can see the customer can design and create with their photo session photos!  Truly the answer for those Christmas card photo sessions that are so popular.
My last photo session was Thursday.  I have taken these little girls pictures for three years now and I think their smiles are just the cutest!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blogging as Gramsey

I decided I wanted to try and blog a whole day as Gramsey, yunno just like the Pioneer Woman(love her blog).
The day started beautiful and the weather was sure to keep the three of us active.
  Trouble is action happens so fast on Gramsey days there is no way to capture it all in pictures.
We took our newly washed out Peanut Butter jar and Mayo jar (both plastic now) and headed to catch a few bugs.  Surprisingly we had a hard time even flipping a log or two.  Alas, finally a thin bodied beetle!  Lily was thrilled and Ruby was just along for the ride.

All the searching for bugs required a drink.

The studio stools were a hit in the kitchen.  Both of them had a "spinning chair" as they sipped  green Koolaid.

 I was doing fine til Lily got in her head she wanted bacon.  She specifically zeroed in on the white part of the bacon and said she wanted to eat that part!  It really seemed right since that is all the fat and she loves butter.  Hunger pains took over and soon I was cooking bacon and mac n cheese and the camera's battery died!  Bad planning for a photographer I know!

Lily insisting on bacon!
Auntie Maddie came home and that's when the battery died.

Richfield Pool

Ruby wins the darkest tan contest!

After the pool we chilled out and watched Glee.
I know....not your first choice for a 4 year old and a two year old.
But that's what they chose between 101 Dalmations, Little Mermaid
and several other Disney favorites.

Ruby had a harder time relaxing as she developed a skin rash on her back that was driving her (and me) Kookoo bananas.  I think my little Ruby Lu is horribly allergic to Gramsey's house.  Too much dander and probably mold.
We did our best with Benedryl, Neosporin and a cold compress.  Benedryl wins!

Welcome to Julianne (pronounced very deep and French) photo studio! Make sure to slur the J so it sounds like jhay!

Notice the ring bling and the watch!  Just like mommy and daddy.

 They picked there props after they knocked on the photo studio door.
They were real customers.
 Ruby raided Maddie's leftovers.  Brand new shoes left back in her old bedroom closet.

 We may have to get this sister shot printed!
 As I said, they picked their props and Lily loves umbrellas...even if they are photography umbrellas.

As you can see the checkerboard flooring that I had in the kitchen has become a floor prop.
Pretty darn cute I'd say.  I'd love to do some orange and strawberry bottled pop photos next time.

The photo shoot ended our afternoon.  Mommy came home.  She had Blond Sarah with her!

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