Sunday, May 31, 2009

A bit of an abstract view of curled bark on the riverbank. Shot with a shallow depth of field.
Subtle contrasts in this image are what attracted me to take it on the river.
New life/seedlings, Browns/greens all hovered up against the edge of the shoreline.
Our campsite was right next to a patch of ferns. I love the way the sun shined through their leaves.
This year I had the pleasure of canoeing in May. Although it was VERY windy the sun was bright and the sky was cloudless. I also went back to the future and shot with film and manual settings. Way fun.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dandelion and Iris
Tim and I and our children. Amadeline 21, Andrew 24 and Adrienne 29.
Jonna has always been a beauty.
They came in for a quick visit the middle of May to celebrate their grandma's 80th birthday.
Steve is a musician from Nashville and Jonna lives in San Diego.


These three made a cute portrait from Wood Lake Nature Center. It was a chilly morning and they really needed a jacket, but their enthusiasm kept the photoshoot going.
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