Saturday, June 25, 2016

East Farmington, Trap Rock, Eureka, Bass Lake, Orr, Pleasant Valley and Trade River

One of my goals this summer is to get every school house on the same document.  I have blogged about many but not all.  Other places I share some of my schools are Flickr, Facebook, Picasa(now Google Photos).  So I started a  Google Document.  I'm not doing very well on this task ; )

Last week we went fishing and I forgot to post the one school house that we stopped at.
East Farmington, Wisconsin.     Zion Lutheran School  .45.245112, -92.696396

Today we enjoyed the St. Croix River, although the fish were NOT biting in the +90° heat and 25-30 mph winds. We stumbled upon 5 one room schools. All were close to hwy 87 skirting along the river on the Wisconsin side.

Trap Rock School

 45.571799  -92.574649

 Pleasant Valley School

45.5555128  -92.5907606

Eureka School

45.514506, -92.652286

 Bass Lake School

45.36008  -9240268

Trade River School

45.657456, -92.672984

We saw this house and I was thinking how the architecture looked like a school.  
Later I realized it was Orr School. 
45.6219009,  -92.6729851
 This is a Google Map image.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Legos here and there and now GONE!

Last night Tim and I got Andy's Lego bin and building table out of the rafters.  A big bow to wrap around them was in the works...and little does Andy know he's getting Legos for his birthday today! Yay!  I guess you could call that a recycled birthday gift!  But when they came down off the ladder there was no cover on this bin for at least 18 years!  So the blocks of red, white blue and yellow were covered with a fine mist of soot.

One hour later they were clean.  A nylon mesh bag and the washing machine did the trick.
Spread out on towels and a night to dry.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Last Day for Lily and Ruby

It's that time of the year that summer officially starts...Lily and Ruby get woke up to this song every year on this day:

Followed by the after school Oreo challenge! Part 1

Part 2

Part 2

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More School Houses

Saturday was a stormy day here in the Twin Cities so we 
decided to go to the outlet mall and Cabelas in Owatonna. 
The outlet mall turned out to be a bust but Tim enjoyed shopping
the fishing section at Cabelas.

To get back home we decided to head east.
This is Minnesota farm country at it'smost beautiful with spring green rolling hills and hidden valleys on curved roads.  The new rows of corn were about 4 inches tall.  I would have taken a picture but I forgot my phone!  I didn't bring my camera because we were going shopping NOT  shunpiking! We crossed in and out of Steele, Dodge, Olmsted, Wabasha and Goodhue counties.  We went to the Pine Island Cheese Fest. Sorry no pictures of that either.
By and By we passed 2 One room schools for sure.  One I'm not so sure.

I took these pictures with Tim's phone : )

Merton Town Hall is the first red marker on the map.

 The sign on this school house says: Belvidere Town Hall.
Look at the map for Belvidere.  

The third structure was pretty boring.  No real signs of it being a school at all. No signs of a large cloak room or a water pump present.  In fact it had a large dumpster which I framed out of view, therefore I'm pretty sure it was built to be just a town hall.

Ellington Town Hall.
Ellington is just right of Merton on the map.  There is a star where this building is located.
See the corn rows?

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Babies grow up fast

I've managed to get through one whole VHS video tape.  Lot's of short clips of my kids that bring me back to the moment.  Maddie's lip quiver in this one is the best.

Nineteen and Twenty

Time to put closure on the latest photo challenge!  Thank you Barb- for making this challeng especially fun.  Back to retirement for you! : )

Photo Challenge Day 19: Symmetry

Yay! Day 20 and the last day of the photo challenge: Rock

Vintage Art Deco Gatsby Inspired engagement "rock(s)" given in proposal of marriage by Joe Gartmann to Ms. Amadeline Maddie Baird This will be another fun wedding to help plan!

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