Thursday, October 20, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October brings vibrant colors!

I walked Henry around Christian Park today and I noticed all the colorful trees.  They weren't there yesterday!
Boy if only I had a subject, I thought...this would make a great spot...right here.  
Maddie flew in the door and off we went....leaving my soup on the table to cool.  10 minutes later we were back to the house and I have all these beautiful autumn pictures!

Busy September

September was here and now it's gone!  I not only went back to work in the schools in September but I had 2-3 photo sessions every weekend.  I wish I had all these sessions in the summer when I'm home during summer break! but I will say I have enjoyed all the Senior portrait sessions I've had.  There is one family that I can say between there two children I have had 2 very memorable location shoots.  Two years ago I took Adam's portraits at Hot Sams in Burnsville... a junk yard like no other.

This past week his sister Sarah had her portraits at a secret place River at Fort Snelling and a few at Riverplace.

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