Monday, February 24, 2014

All the way from Spokane

My camera arrived and the fear of buying something... THAT expensive on eBay has subsided.  The camera is everything promised.  I have something new to immerse myself in to help pass thru this awful winter.
Here is my first studio shot with the camera.  

Henry was not too happy about having his portrait done.

Sunday, February 16, 2014


I have worked very hard at becoming a so so portrait photographer these past 5 years.  My first camera was a Canon Rebel, which held me through the first year.  I jumped to the Canon 40D on June 26, 2009
It has been 5 years and 100's of sessions later with a shutter count of a low 40,000
But, today I made the jump to a real full size sensor and I bought a Canon 5D Mark II
I'm finally going to be shooting with a "professional camera"!  Wish me well.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Plum Schoolhouse Visit

Little Plum Schoolhouse on the Wisconsin Prairie February 9, 2014  Temperature: 8 degrees

We took a drive Saturday.  All the way down to Lake Pepin into Wabasha and over the bridge to Wisconsin.  County Road N brought us back to the Little Plum Schoolhouse. The day was crisp with bright sun.  No sunglasses was not an option!  The curvy farm roads were slick with black ice and sanded down with ah...sand.  Brown sand not icemelt salt solution we see here in the Cities.  Our trek brought us back to Frankfort to get a picture of my Little Plum Tree that stands alongside the Little Plum Church.  This is the third time to visit this area since last May.  The first two times I used my iPhone 4 to capture images.  Saturday I brought my Canon40D with a Neutral Density filter.  
There was no opportunity to browse through the school this time, no snow tracks to follow were available.  Dredging through feet of snow was not the things to do.  We had all we could do to take a few pictures.  It was windy and bone chilling cold.  How in the world did children and school marms survive back then?

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