Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eddie Rabbitt

Last Spring Tim and I went for a drive to find a small town in Wisconsin.... Arkansaw.  We discovered this town 5 years ago and remembered it fondly.  With a swift creek and nice little park we stumbled upon a picnic shelter who had once been visited by the one and only Eddie Rabbit in 1988 .   The town and park still had an announcement posted stapled to it's picnic shelter. It was wrinkled and weather battered but it was STILL POSTED!  At the time we thought it was we wanted to visit the posting again!  When we got there last Spring we were disappointed, our Eddie Rabbit posting  was gone.  There was a fresh coat of paint and things had been spruced up.  

Here we are standing where the concert flyer was stapled.  Gone.  : (

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