Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Recently I re-organized my photography equipment.  I have lost touch with much of it...and this makes me sad, although inspired to pick up my camera soon.  Thinking of this I felt the need to find some inspiration to get my motor running.  Elena Shumilova is a Russian Photographer who has such a unique niche...  Fine Art photography for sure. I have followed her on Flickr for several years and LOVE everything she posts.  

Example of style
Soft washed out color with spectacular backlighting and ring lighting.  Her subjects are perfectly posed in such an unposed way.  She usually has an animal in the picture with her subject.

She named this one Lapland

Wind on Surrey Hill

So I decided to see how close I could get to her style...using photoshop.
Now I don't have any animals to throw into this image but for a first try not to bad.

Ruby in Snow

Damn it where is a cute bunny when you need one!

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