National Aviation Day
Little Falls Minnesota

It's been a while since I added flying pictures.  My gosh the picture below is about 4 years old!
We have a new hanger at Fleming and I love being at that airport. Our plane has had numerous updates, but most importantly an ADSB.  Somedays this device makes me squirmmy seeing all the traffic up in the air with us, but most of the time- I feel very safe.

Henry the Aviator

Fourth of July weekend 2014

I'm always trying to get the perfect airplane shot

 Great shot of Minneapolis with my iphone!

These are the air traffic controllers that work at Flying Cloud.

I got an email from Tim this week.  He said "look someone is using your photo on their website, you should collect royalties!"  I remember this picture well.  I took it while we took off in March 2006.  This plane took off on a parallel runway.  I emailed the guy and sent him the picture.  Turns out it is a flying club airplane. I'm glad they liked the picture.

Many of my pictures are related to aviation in some way or another.  My husband owns and has restored  a 1964 Cessna Skyhawk.  We enjoy visiting smaller cities in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area throughout the year. For more information on the restoration project visit Tim's blog at:

Tim and as he calls her "Zero Eight Uniform"

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