Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lost Dog

December 12
It was 7°
2pm I get a phone call at work from a frantic Maddie.  She's just arrived home from New York and Millie is not in the house.  She did not know til later that Joe had been home at 11am.  He was in and out of the house a few times to carry things into the garage, tidying up from a weekend of surprise construction...a beautiful baking cupboard as a Christmas gift for Maddie. Millie slipped out on one of his trips to the garage.
An hour later the three of us, Maddie, Joe and I  are combing the streets by foot and car.  The Richfield City has been called.  I ask a co-worker to scan the social media. The storefronts- and apartments on Lyndale have been visited.  It's really cold.  Millie is no where in site.  Maddie posts on to Richfield Community Facebook page.  Dog Lost please call.

About 10 minutes later she got the call. Millie was at our next door neighbors house. I'm sure they had tried calling but her phone was on airplane mode.
We figure Millie had been out on the streets for at least 2+ hours.  She left Aldrich and 75th crossed over Lyndale, Nicollet and Portland!  She has never been walked to our house, but brought in the car many times.
This is simply amazing to me.  Thank you to whoever found her, and thank you to our neighbors for keeping Millie warm and safe.  We all feel very lucky and blessed. Merry Christmas.

Joe and Maddie and Millie - Home again safe and sound. 

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Last night it snowed over 5 inches.  The snow fell overnight and into morning hours lingering as the day went on. I thought it might be a good time to get a picture of Henry and his new hat.  I tried in the morning and got this shot...

At Christian Park later.

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