Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spring into summer photo shoots! Here I go...
This little guy was a real trooper since he missed a second nap the afternoon of our photo shoot.
His eyes just lit up every time there was a ball involved.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Road Blocks and Train Rides

Today we had the most frustrating experience driving out of town.  It seems we missed the warnings of road closures and it took over an hour to get to 35E northbound out of St. Paul!
We missed the train we intended to ride at11am but salvaged the trip with a nice lunch and the 1:15.
A warm seasonal breeze hit my face shooting a series of shots hanging out the side of the train.
I walked the length of the train in the warm sweltering heat.  The temperature felt authentic.
The turquoise upholstery was the refreshing car.  Air conditioned.
  True style from a period from long ago.  Not sure what the lever-knob did!  Makes me want to go back.
An old track, and train cars make a nice artsy shot.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Paparazzi and Ruby

Wow Ruby has emerged as this "talk to the camera" grandchild. I had a blast last night with her in the studio for 7 minutes. What a great sense of humor that little sweetie is!!!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ducks a dog and a five-year-old

Being Gramsey is always an adventure.  I marvel at the energy it takes for me to keep up with Lily 5 and Ruby 3.....although I don't!  Wednesday was picture day at dance for Ruby so I picked Lily up from preschool. What a treat that is to receive a happy (but tired) 5 year-old's hug because she's happy I was there to pick her up.  I don't think my kids were ever that happy to see me : )  I met all the teachers and was introduced as: "This is my Gramsey".  Then I saw the "secret" the kids had made for Mother's Day.  I was sworn to secrecy...but there on the table sat a gallon jug filled with steaming hot water and cut up dandelion heads.
Hummm? Do you think it could be dandelion wine?

At the house we sat together and ate vanilla wafer cookies, which spoiled both of our appetites for dinner.
We went for a wonderful walk with Henry and a bag of bread cubes to feed the ducks.
Not sure how to get the ducks over here!
Wait there is a couple of Canadian geese....
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