Monday, August 1, 2011

What a day!

Hurray!  My new site is online and while I know it's not flashy and the trendiest.....

 IT IS a great place for my customers.

After you have a photo session with me I am able to upload FULL SIZE photos to your gallery.

Other website providers for photographers require the post work to include re-sizing all the proofs. So.... as the photographer you deal with the RAW images and then the proofs and then re-sizing the proofs to upload them.  SMUGMUG likes full size images, which cuts down on my post production.

  HAPPY : )

Your gallery will allow you to order directly from the professional print house!  Hurray! this also cuts down on my post production!  YOU can create all sort of albums.....
As you can see this is a dream come true for the holiday portraits and gift giving.
I will be learning and adding more and more to my new site so check up on it often.

Anyone want to write me a new biography?

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