Monday, July 17, 2017

Toads and Frogs...and Henry

In May of this year, Henry & Charlie were racing down our wood steps to chase away the U.S. Mailman.  In all the excitement Henry fell down the second half of the steps.  I heard a large yelp as he scooted to the lower level crying all the way.  It was obvious his left hind leg was hurt.  The Vet diagnosed it as an ACL tear.  Time, lose weight, moderate physical therapy.  Well we are mid-July now and Henry is doing ok.  He's lost some weight and he does put pressure on his leg.  He walks kinda sideways sometimes, a funny thing to see.  We go for our daily walk which has been limited to a shorter distance or the use of Lily's dog stroller.

Summer is a great time for Henry because the things that really make him happy are being outside looking for toads.  He first stumbled upon toads at the hanger.  Toads frequently appear from the concrete crack under the rubber flange of the hanger door.  So when the door is being raised - Henry is on it.  Saturday night was a hit.  He sniffed out a tiny little toad.  He stalked it for 20+ minutes trying to pick it up.  He was salivating and foaming like crazy!

After losing interest, Henry continued his search for another.  I realized the little toad dead...killed by the jaws of Henry the Yorkie.  Not quite the case from a week earlier - when Henry had all he could do chasing more than one frog at the river.

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