Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Jr. Bridesmaids

Ruby and Lily and the Jr. Bridesmaid Dresses

I called on an old friend who is an expert in the sewing and altering department. Kelly is a parent that I got to know when I was working as the Library Lady-Mrs. Bear : )  Kelly did an awesome job altering both dresses.  Even though I consider myself a talented sewer, I could not get myself to alter these dresses. I had visions of cutting too much fabric off.  About 35 years ago I sewed  a bridesmaid dress for my cousin...and after hemming it I was trimming some excess fabric at the hemline and I sliced right through the dress.  Somehow my scissors caught two layers of fabric!   

Ruby is in Shell Pink          Designer: Bill Levkoff

Lily is in Peach              Designer: Bill Levkoff

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