Saturday, June 25, 2016

East Farmington, Trap Rock, Eureka, Bass Lake, Orr, Pleasant Valley and Trade River

One of my goals this summer is to get every school house on the same document.  I have blogged about many but not all.  Other places I share some of my schools are Flickr, Facebook, Picasa(now Google Photos).  So I started a  Google Document.  I'm not doing very well on this task ; )

Last week we went fishing and I forgot to post the one school house that we stopped at.
East Farmington, Wisconsin.     Zion Lutheran School  .45.245112, -92.696396

Today we enjoyed the St. Croix River, although the fish were NOT biting in the +90° heat and 25-30 mph winds. We stumbled upon 5 one room schools. All were close to hwy 87 skirting along the river on the Wisconsin side.

Trap Rock School

 45.571799  -92.574649

 Pleasant Valley School

45.5555128  -92.5907606

Eureka School

45.514506, -92.652286

 Bass Lake School

45.36008  -9240268

Trade River School

45.657456, -92.672984

We saw this house and I was thinking how the architecture looked like a school.  
Later I realized it was Orr School. 
45.6219009,  -92.6729851
 This is a Google Map image.

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