Saturday, May 28, 2016


Today was a rainy humid day to start off the Memorial Day weekend.  It's been a few weeks since I've fattened my album with pictures of one-room schools.  So I talked Tim into checking out Praag Wisconsin.  Praag is located in Buffalo County Wisconsin tucked behind the green rolling hills of Alma.    

B   e   a   u   t    i   f   u  l  countryside!

I usually take some time plotting out our drive.  I've found the large Delorme Atlas Gazetteer the BEST way to roam the countryside looking for one room schools.

So with atlas, pup, camera and a few bottles of water we set out on Highway 35 S.

The first school was the best. It was located right down the road from a quaint cemetery and church.  There were a few people visiting the cemetery paying their respects on this Memorial Day Weekend.

Church Valley School - Now

   Church Valley School - Then

Tim did what we both wanted to do and went past the fence to go inside the school. 
He came out and said it was "pitch black and aromatic ...there may be an animal in there!"

  New Oak Grove School - Now  (another dream home ; ) 

New Oak Grove School - Then


 Praag School - Now


Margurette and Sherry and Carol are wearing the white apron-ed frocks

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