Monday, May 30, 2016

Photo Challenge Update

The Photo challenge lives two lives this time.  Here on my blog and on Facebook.  The Facebook postings are to compliment the art of friend Barb Blahoski who is also challenging her creativity.

Day 17:  Tall
I took this picture last Saturday at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.
 I love the sky and the blue gradient.

Day 16:  Water
This is the bottom of my glass of selzer water with ice. The glass was outside facing the west and the sun was hitting the glass in various places. I used my lensbaby which is tricky without a tripod. 
See all the little rainbows?

Day 15: Flight
Heading NE for runway 22 Chippewa Valley Regional Airport over the Chippewa River, Wisconsin.

Day 14:  Black
I had some fun with pic monkey before I posted this.


Day 13: Death


Day 12: Life
Truth be told I had to cheat tonight. This is an image from 2009
I DO have several nests of sparrows again this year. I dragged (or is it drug) out the 7 foot wooden ladder both last night and tonight. Both nests were empty... Darn!!

Day 11: Destruction
The sun lit the roots of this tree perfectly tonight for my photo challenge.

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