Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Compact Flash Cards

When I was in photography school I can remember a discussion our instructor lead that was about the lifespan of a compact flash card.  Tonight that discussion came back to mind as I realized an old flash card of mine is probably for the trash can.  Shooting for the photo challenge day 9: "group"  I started out with my camera and ring flash and an old card.  The images just didn't seem quite as crisp and the focus wandered.

My lens said I had focus yet this image looks like slight blur.  Not one heart is crisp.  Now compare that to this image taken with my newer compact flash card.

Even the color is more vibrant!

 Tim is my very own Harvey Klinger Insect Collector.  You're dating yourself if you know who Harvey is..... but neither Henry or I would have half as much fun if he was any different.
I love my Harvey Klinger!!  Eat your heart out Marcia Brady.

I was informed that this was a Phyllophaga, a genus of beetles in the subfamily Melolonthinae of the family Scarabaeidae, also known as June bugs or June beetles.

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