Saturday, February 13, 2016

Luf is some nodings dot ickles two hearts mit de same somedings

Today when I woke up it was °6 degrees outside.  The winter is getting a little long  now and even  beautiful-fluffy white snowflakes don't break out the camera!  February is a good time of the year to visit antique stores.  Passing an afternoon by looking at old things, allows ones mind to wander to simpler but much harder times.  So this afternoon we set out to finally capture that pink schoolhouse I've read and known about for years, and hit an antique store or two.  As I packed up my camera I thought about a theme for today's photography and red things.  So there I was outside of Owatonna in a warehouse type junk/antique store known for it's corn cob heaters.  Pink and red, pink and red.  Love and hearts and pink and red.  Here is what I came across:

I bought an old thermos for my extra cup at work.  It is red but I didn't photograph it. I hope it keeps liquid hot!

We meandered down I-35 and 1/2 mile west to Hope Minnesota and found this nicely restored school. The town clearly respects this building and built a quaint park around it.
40 miles southwest of Hope is Wells Minnesota.  It was here that we stumbled upon the Wells Depot Museum.  What a joyful little treasure this town keeps!  The depot was filled with town artifacts that were so enjoyable to read and photograph.

Keeping on the Valentine's Day theme I captured these:
 The museum had a little valentine display.

You vill nefer yet feel sorry dot you und I togedder met. 

but the highlight was these wonderful artifacts from long ago:

What is tickle-toe dope?

Onward west we traveled to the Pink School House....
 It was late afternoon and the sun was moving lower in the sky, partly overcast and °7 degrees.
It felt like  -°30 outside the car taking these photos. The wind was whipping...and I was thinking about the nasty weather that children walked through to get to school.  brrr!

The highlight of my day was pulling up this information in photoshop.  My new camera has GPS technology! Perfect for schoolhouse hunting.

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  1. A love boat....and a pop for my valentine!

    I don't think it could get any better than that.


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