Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Beautiful Find Near Helmer Printing, Beldenville Wisconsin!

Sunday, January 17 we took a drive over to Ellsworth, WI to buy some good cheddar cheese.  The country roads were clear and the hills and valleys were covered with a small blanket of snow.  On a split decision we decided to drive past one of my favorite one room schools, "Forestville".. so I could take a picture of it in the snow.  I like the Forestville school house a lot and I even have a 1/87 scale custom built model of it on my piano!  Now Forestville school is a little harder to find than we expected.  We headed off of highway 10 onto county road J thinking it was just a up the road a mile or two.  As we were following the county road past a business and then a neighborhood I happened to look to my right when I saw a belfry!  "STOP and turn around please I blurted".  This is an image from my phone.  

I've exhausted my search on the internet looking for a name of this school.  Not even Google or Mrs. Blahoskidog can find it!  I'm hoping to hear back from Helmer Printing across the road.  Stay tuned...
Friday - January 22
The name of the school is Beldenville School! Thank you Barb Blahoski and Peter Fitzpatrick with help in the search! I heard back from Pierce County Historical Association, Pierce County Wisconsin AND 2 wonderful employees from nearby Helmer Printing; Ted and Jenny. The Historical Association has an entire book highlighting the school with pictures. I may have to buy that one since "Baird" was in the table of contents 5 times.

Just for the record here is Forestville:

And here is my amazing custom built model of Forestville.  

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  1. Do tell us the story about finding this hidden treasure of the winter woods!


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