Sunday, November 1, 2015


October came and went. I took thousands of pictures this past October between family, work and portrait sessions.  My camera and I have been very busy.  Today I will post my favorite October pictures.
Tamron 70-300 Lens
I love this shot because Lily was being Lily...NOT dressed for a photoshoot, NOT standing like a Disney princess. She's barefoot. AND her little toes are pink from the chill in the air.  She's barefoot because she told me to wait while she took her tennis shoes and socks off  "bare feet make better pictures gramsey".  She's heard that many times from me!

iphone and Camera Awesome
I took this shot on one of my walks around Christian Park with Henry. The maples were amazing this year.  The shape of this maple tree caught my eye and when I spotted the birch tree right in front of it I thought "cool shot".  So I got my phone out and shot....except this is not what I had intended.  I was a little too fast for the Camera Awesome shutter and the shot included the construction horse!  I think it adds an element of interest so I kept it even though completely unplanned.

Natural daylight
I take a lot of pictures at my job.  Every once in a while I get a shot where the children are learning and you can see the learning in the photograph.  The expression on these two kindergarteners says it all.  

Background find!
My favorite family.  They've supported my photography from the beginning and watched me grow as a photographer.  This year we had a traveling photoshoot.  From the bluffs of Eden Prairie to this perfect red barn and pumpkin patch.

And last this shot I took with my phone.  Autumn flights are the best!  We flew to Eau Claire to look at this little trailer that's for sale.

I was surprised at how small it is on the inside.
Cute as a button, but a little too girly for a girl who wants to travel with her husband.  

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