Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Camping in September

September is here and summer continues.  I've started back to work and celebrated the end of summer in the best of!  The trouble with a family event that large is the coming down after it's all over and life goes back to normal.  No more frantic wedding planner, no more shopping for last minute touches to the flower girls,  or mother of groom attire.... or catering additions.  Tim and I had such a wonderful summer exploring the north shore, I found myself wanting just one more trip...this time camping.  I don't have that vintage trailer yet (but I keep thinking about it) so a tent will have to do.  Luckily, Tim scored a camp site at Jay Cooke State Park.... aka Train Haven North.
Henry enjoyed the one night trip, and I must say having a small heated pup next to your bosom all night long in a chilly train horn every 30 minutes tent is the closest thing to perfection a camping girl could ask for.

Yes those are cots.   I've graduated to the above ground camping cot.  A real success!

 The St. Louis River
Cast iron LOVE!  A few rib eye smothered in onions.  YUM!

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