Saturday, August 8, 2015

That New Tamron Lens

Well as I sit sipping on my gin and tonic, I think of how I should really add a piece to my blog about my new lenses that I bought this summer.  A new lens is a big deal to a photographer and I am no exception.  After all I will be making payments on both of my new lens purchases I made this summer ; (

The Tamron 70-300 f4 is a nice crisp lens.  I like it.  Not love.  And it is a better telephoto lens than I had.  Here are a few images I took at Osh Kosh using this lens.
 This photo has been zoomed in with lightroom, but nevertheless still pretty crisp.
 The Airbus 350 was such a delight to watch perform at Osh Kosh....this is a non-edited fly over shot.
Non-edited shots of T-6 Texans.  I have the wrong shutter speed!  Ugh...when will I get that right?
If I slow down my shutter the whirl of the propellers will look awesome.

My new canon 100mm macro lense is to dye for.  I just need to read up on macro photograpy and practice.

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