Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lamar Hunt

You know you have a problem when your husband says: "let's have a picnic on the St. Croix river today" and I immediately pull up my Google map to see what school house I can find in the area.
This is my Google school house map.  The stars indicate located one room school still standing.  So as you can see, the St. Croix river does not have a whole lot of stars.  20 minutes later, Tim was napping and I was in serious google map tracking mode.  Waalaa!  I know the Lamar school!
I've seen this website in the past and finally plan a trip to go see the hard work restoration project.
Read about the Lamar community and school on their website here
 What a beautiful pristine-white two room school house!
 I just love the windows.  I'm sure the inside of this school invites the sunshine and outdoors right in.
This is the back of the school.  Two sets of windows for the two classrooms.

And of course Henry was there.  I'm thinking of naming him the "premiere one-room school pup"
or something like that.  He is usually with us on these travels and I have many pictures to prove it.

After the Lamar school we traveled east on 140th to 160th... and south on to Hwy 8.
On Hwy 8 we headed west when out of the blue appeared Deer Lake School.
 Now very overgrown and forgotten Deer Lake School sits among spiny shrubs and highway thwart 
where once children played hopscotch and kickball.

Peeking through the door window we both spotted a framed picture still on the landing.  We couldn't quite tell what the picture was, but it certainly indicated that someone just locked the door on their way out...thinking they would be back.  

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