Saturday, May 30, 2015


We went on our annual Osceola train ride today.  I could of worn a warmer clothing, as it was in the 60's most of the day.  The clouds did burn off later and a beautiful robin's egg blue sky appeared with big white puffy clouds.  The train was wonderful.  I especially enjoyed the sounds that I hear as the train moves down the track...screeches,adjoined clunking cars and train horns.

     Ubet WI is about 10 miles away from  Osceola, and I had a star on my google map indicating there is a one room school house, so we drove over to check it out.
What a beauty this school house still is, nicely cared for and being used as a granary office.

45.346073, -92.530200

South on county road E brought us right past this wonder..within 5 feet of the road!
Not so sure this building was a school.... I cannot find any resources that would substantiate this.
 We were pretty close to Star Prairie on County Rd E.
45.231163, -92.503748

Next came New Richmond Wisconsin.  We have been to NRW, love their airport...but for some reason we've always headed west out of New we discovered if you head south you run in to the actual downtown and a  Heritage Village complete with restored, school, blacksmith, farm house and more.  I made a mental note of visiting this place again this summer.  The school located there was originally from Glenwood City, WI at a logging camp.
The school is named Camp Nine.

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