Sunday, May 31, 2015

Historical Bear Lake School

When you put the time and effort into locating old school houses you start to see similar things. Some townships take great pride in their history and raise funds to maintain their buildings, sometimes even relocating the school to better show ground.
Some townships let the years gone by show wear and decay and they ignore the little old school house that once was.  About one third of the houses I find are being lived in.  Few of them are homesteaders with a little money and desire to preserve the one room school as it was.  To them the building has a roof and is cheap-so they move in and start adding to meet their needs, never with any regard to honoring the original stature.  
Bear Lake school is located by Wapogasset Lake Wisconsin.  45.367461,-92.499643
All I can say is that Bear Lake school must have been a dandy in it's day. 


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