Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Coolest Place I've Ever Slept!

April 2, 2015

One of the most beautiful places we have ever driven through is... LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Tim and I discovered this beautiful countryside - September of 2008 when we flew 41Charlie in for a visit.
 We were awe struck with the rolling hills, bluffs,  green pastures, farming country,
  and sightings of the Amish community.  

We saw many signs of years gone by, including this rough hewn home.

In May 2013 I became fascinated with one room school 
houses when we accidentally stumbled upon the BEST one room school house!

The door to the place invited us in and as we opened 
the door I found a new passion to photograph.

So it's no wonder why Tim would surprise me with a weekend away with a stay overnight to the Wilson SchoolHouse Inn.  It is a wonderfully preserved/restored brick schoolhouse... loaded with the character and charm of days long ago.  Our stay was the coolest place I've ever slept!

April 2015  -  LaCrosse

Large windows bring beautiful light into this school.  Good light is a necessity for a room to learn in.
The entrance is wide and welcoming. 

 The main room is the perfect blend of saving schoolhouse details and adding elements of comfort.
I passed on writing on the chalk board and used the eraser and chalk as my subjects for this photo.
Wide deep windowsill perfect for this vase of pussy willows.
I hung my jacket on number 21.

BUT this trip to LaCrosse also included me photographing 12 other one room school houses in  LaCrosse and Vernon counties.    I have included the gps location of each of these houses so that you can visit them too!

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