Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's been a fun run, but I'm not done

Recently it occurred to me that getting snapshots of one-room school houses is getting  harder and harder.  It is more time consuming driving further distances from the city.   I spend a good deal of time finding schools that are still standing by using Flickr and plat maps of each county.  I contacted the history center and they advised me to contact each county.  NO one person knows how many one-room schools are still standing.
If you want to feast your eyes on some great images of school houses...check out Earl Leatherberry on Flickr.  Man O live!  He does great work and record keeping. Earl doesn't give over-detail of locations of the school houses he finds but usually he names the county.  I have spent countless hours tracking down several of the houses that he has captured.  In today's world of gps, smart phones and Google maps this has become my new relaxing hobby.  I'm somewhat obsessed.  I thought it was all about getting the image...but I'm learning that the real high for me is locating another standing one room school house!   This month I'm dreaming of buying one for retirement.  Something like this...

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