Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cinnamon good!

This photograph really belongs in several places in my posts.  First and foremost I make mention here of our new discovery; Cinnamon Whiskey.  Thank you Adrienne and Sam for gifting this to dad for his birthday.  Say what? Dad? Cinnamon?  Yeah sure he likes it but ah em excuse me, who purposely finds an excuse to shop Walgreens just to pick up another box of cinnamon redhots?  Mom.  So...that being said, I'm thinking that this birthday gift to dad is really a gift for mom.  A way to suggest, "hey mom, there are other alcohol cocktails other than rum and coke!"  Secondly, my photo challenge this summer #23 is a picture like my favorite Pioneer Woman posts.  In other words, take a picture of what you cook.  So when we fried up our bacon and coin sliced brats for breakfast yesterday, Tim said "hey let's throw some of this in".  Generally I do not cook with alcohol, but the one time I do is when I make the Pioneer Woman's

 Rib-Eye Steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce (which is on fall camping trips) and it is the only 

time I like steak. So keeping that in mind 4 ounces was thrown in the pan...let the caramelization begin! 
Subtle cinnamon flavored bacon and brats for breakfast.  

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