Monday, July 7, 2014

2014 Photo Challenge

Okay's not necessarily going to be in order this year.  I did however start with my faceless portrait.  I took one shot and I'm using it!
I can't think of a better map than one that leads you to the better things in life wine, cheese and beer!

Recipe Like Pioneer Woman
Here it is...bacon and sliced bratwurst fried with a
splash of cinnamon whiskey....pretty tasty!

360 Panorama
Here is the cabin at Reed Lake.  I used an app called Sphere.  Not too impressed : ( 

Macro Insect
My camera phone took this little gem outside the tackle box while fishing on Reed Lake.

I captured these clouds in Highland Park overlooking the old Ford Plant grounds.

Faceless Portrait

Pastel Palette

Favorite Color


Think of Childhood



I visited the Cottage house today and loved this rusty chain...but only for my photo challenge.

Vintage Blue
I know blue jeans seemed to be the obvious subject for vintage blue...but I spotted this cool old dresser at the Cottage House and I thought  this is perfect for Vintage Blue!

Low Angle

My father-in-law's 88th birthday.  We took him to Mickeys Diner in downtown St. Paul.


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