Sunday, May 25, 2014

Google+ is giving me anxiety!

Google+  now automatically backs up all your images!  Yay!  Not.  This feature sucks when you cannot control what is backed up. Here is a look at my week on the computer.

A1= Tim and I drive to Zambrota and discover three one room school houses.
A3= Logo for some business I did with the school district.
A4= Adrienne and I practice nail polish shoot.
A5= I have no idea
A6= At work shooting Math teacher and students.
B1=  Adjusting exposure at my desk
B2= A shot of the Church of Hope volunteers.
B3= My Facebook post during Prom week.
B4= Maddie scans old pool pics on my computer...I was logged in on Google : )
B5= Back at work...swiping an image off of Google images of the new Superintendent.
C1= Harry the Dirty Dog.  Image to make Barb Blahoski a retiring Glinda Crown for Sparkfest.
C2= Maddie using my computer to print out a picture of St. Paul to paint a canvas for Joe.
C3= Dance photoshoot...collage for advertising in program.
C4= Lily
C5= Scans of Barb Blahoski from past years...retiring and making a card?, video....probably not.
C6=My paperdoll of Dr. Martin....a pretty dramatic shot!

I rest my case.  This is insane.....I will not continue to pay for extra space on Google if I cannot get control on what I save.

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