Friday, March 7, 2014

Sewing ELSA's Dress

Last week I researched countless hours online about how to make a
 Disney's ELSA dress from the movie Frozen. 
I have not seen the movie yet, but my dear Lily 
(first grandchild has asked for an Elsa dress for her 7th birthday!) 
Lily- August 2007

Lily- February 2014

March 2014

 or a sweet sum of $250.00
for the elite versions from Disney.

So here is how I created my version of Elsa's dress.

I was surprised the costume designers at Disney settled on this shade of blue! 
 I decided on this semi-stretchy blouse fabric.  Lightweight but with the give I knew it would lay nice for the skirt. Netting with silver sparkle and white tulle that I'll stencil snowflakes on.

Ahh nice total!  I sewed in the 1970's and 80's and often seen similar savings.

I settled on Simplicity 2463 because of the V bodice.  If you look at dress A. and imagine long sleeves and 
a fabric that lays flat...I knew that would work with a modifies sleeve.

I used a streamlined sleeve with less gather from a jumpsuit pattern I bought to make Ruby (2nd grandchild) a Lava Girl costume....(which I abandoned and went with a leotard)

 Bodice with the sparkle tulle

I used a small amount of spray glue for stability
Not alot!  Just enough to hold things in place.

March 16 2014....ELSA sewing
Well the week got away from me from various reasons but I sewed every night!  

The sleeves went in nicely and I was thankful because I was not expecting them to go in smooth since I had to design and alter them.
The cloak/cape made out of tulle proved to send me over the top.  I used the Martha Stewart snowflake stencil's for glass.

These stencils have a somewhat sticky side so I did not have an issue with slippage.
Acrylic white paint and a  fine dust glitter was used to fill in the stencil.  I layed the tulle on top of
colored paper (so I could see) and then placed the stencil and painted.  Removed the stencil....sprinkled a little glitter while the paint was wet and moved on to the next snowflake.  I washed off the stencils frequently to prevent paint build up.  

The satin gloves were dyed to match the dress

Birthday time is here!

 One happy Lily!

 Inside the box was a Elsa dress and an Anna dress...because every Elsa needs an Anna!

As soon as Lily and Ruby had the costumes on they retrieved into a world
of frozen tundra and missions to accomplish.

I really enjoyed the project.  I want them to stay little forever : )

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  1. A great story...I want mine to stay little too!!


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