Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Plum Schoolhouse Visit

Little Plum Schoolhouse on the Wisconsin Prairie February 9, 2014  Temperature: 8 degrees

We took a drive Saturday.  All the way down to Lake Pepin into Wabasha and over the bridge to Wisconsin.  County Road N brought us back to the Little Plum Schoolhouse. The day was crisp with bright sun.  No sunglasses was not an option!  The curvy farm roads were slick with black ice and sanded down with ah...sand.  Brown sand not icemelt salt solution we see here in the Cities.  Our trek brought us back to Frankfort to get a picture of my Little Plum Tree that stands alongside the Little Plum Church.  This is the third time to visit this area since last May.  The first two times I used my iPhone 4 to capture images.  Saturday I brought my Canon40D with a Neutral Density filter.  
There was no opportunity to browse through the school this time, no snow tracks to follow were available.  Dredging through feet of snow was not the things to do.  We had all we could do to take a few pictures.  It was windy and bone chilling cold.  How in the world did children and school marms survive back then?


  1. My father-in-law attended this school, he's now 75 years old. His family homestead is the property adjacent to to church/school right off of county road N. We were there today, as his brother's funeral was in the Little Plum Church. The surviving children took a trip down memory lane in the old schoolhouse. The large tree you've photographed was referred to as "the Big Tree". As part of the public school system, it was a pretty big deal when they began bringing in hot lunch for the children. The family said they remember having individual grades called up to a table, where the lessons were taught for each grade. They would do their work individually at their desks after that. Pretty neat history, and very interesting listening to all the sharing today.

    1. This school house has drummed up a new interest of mine. One Room School Houses. I have immersed myself with reading a few books, research on the web and I've even bought a DVD about the one room school house! My fascination with it is somewhat obsessive to the point where I talk my husband into another country drive every weekend!
      I started posting all of my photos....it's been great fun. Thank you for sharing your story.


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