Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Blu Ninja

Funny how creative I can be when my days are slow and hot: Summer
I was riding my bike this morning making an early delivery to the pool: Sudafed
And I spotted something blue on the street....curiosity got the best of me so I back tracked to see.
Lil Blu Ninja...laying there...abandoned....needed a new mission in life.  I tucked him safely away in my bike pouch.  He'll have a mission for awhile....the traveling gnome prank.
The travelling gnome prank is the practice of returning a garden gnome "to the wild". It involves stealing a gnome, taking it on a trip, and photographing it at famous landmarks, with the photos being returned to the owner.
I will take Little Blu Ninja on a summer adventure of photography. Where will he turn up next?
In the tomato patch

Watching the new lettuce emerge.

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