Sunday, June 24, 2012

We bought the new plane WAY last has had all sorts of upgrades and changes to the panel, which make it even prettier than it was when we bought it.  I have been waiting a LONG time for a plane photo shoot.  I ordered the perfect evening during "sweet" light and headed for Redwing with directions to the pilot...(Tim) we must stop all action during those 7  minutes of the perfect lighting.  Soft, golden and at the perfect angle in the sky for the BEST shot of our latest family member.  We would be perfect timing...I'll admit I was a little concerned I'd lose the light.  AND then the pilot decides to fill with fuel!!!!  Uggh....didn't you hear me?  We need to wheel this bird to the tarmac with the evergreens and get it's portrait!

As you can see there is a ladder in this picture, not to mention the cars in the background!
Yep!  She is thirsty.  Hello?  Only a couple of minutes of perfect light...can you hear me Ricky?

I stayed on ground and got this shot upon pick-up.

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