Saturday, May 19, 2012

Road Blocks and Train Rides

Today we had the most frustrating experience driving out of town.  It seems we missed the warnings of road closures and it took over an hour to get to 35E northbound out of St. Paul!
We missed the train we intended to ride at11am but salvaged the trip with a nice lunch and the 1:15.
A warm seasonal breeze hit my face shooting a series of shots hanging out the side of the train.
I walked the length of the train in the warm sweltering heat.  The temperature felt authentic.
The turquoise upholstery was the refreshing car.  Air conditioned.
  True style from a period from long ago.  Not sure what the lever-knob did!  Makes me want to go back.
An old track, and train cars make a nice artsy shot.

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