Friday, February 3, 2012

I had this vision

So I absolutely have abandoned Facebook.  It's the new look.  Change is hard and I'm having a hard time changing.  As friends are making the change with me on Facebook I am slowly starting to see the new "covers"
which is the large picture that you can place under your profile picture.  I was stumped on which picture to choose for my cover.  Then it hit me.  I see it everyday when I arrive home.  Two cute lil puppies in the window waiting for a friend.
So last night, I waited til sundown and created as much light as I could in the livingroom using lamps and portable lighting.  This created the backlight I needed to give my subjects shape.  Next I waited til the sun was almost all the way down so the reflection in the front windows was at it's very least.
My camera settings were: ISO 1600  f/25 and my lens wide open at 4.0
Here are a few shots that I got:

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