Monday, February 21, 2011

Today is President's Day and a SNOW day!  We had another 12+ inches overnight and somewhere on the daily news I heard that we have never had this much snow fall in one day in February EVER!  Really?  That just doesn't seem right, being Minnesotan and all.  I had a snowbound day with a lot of things on my mind.
First of all we are welcoming a new puppy this week. His name will be Henry Hudson Parker.  Henry is with his breeder until at least Thursday.  Neuter and a yeast infection in his little ear...he'll heal faster with what he knows, so we'll welcome him in a few days. 

Secondly, I bought some new backdrops! Yeah!
Crackled paint and new suitcases ON SALE at Michaels +
Live-Love-Laugh...this backdrop will be sure create pleasing results. The boxes=fun-for-awhile

I have three more that I have not taken a picture of yet.  The soonest may be when Henry arrives or my photo shoot on Sunday.  

Thirdly, TAXES oh yea we have to do that Tuesday night.  I had a nice photography income this year and I thank you again for visiting my photography studio.  There is a LOT choices going on in photography and I appreciate my loyal customer and those willing to give me a try. My prices have increased a minimal amount/only because the printing company increased.  
I decided to offer a Teacher discount this year, being that I work with Teachers everyday.  Just a small way that I can say Thank you to all the teachers in my life, including Ms. Baird my youngest daughter.

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